11 thoughts on “Day 35: Still resting in Nisswa, MN…”

  1. Mike says, “It’s all about momentum and inertia…… a body at rest likes to keep the ass put. Enjoy the cigars and whiskey.” Mike misses you 🙂

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  2. Mike G says he’s getting bored. Please get going. It’s a rare occurrence but I have to agree. Get on with it! Where are you taking us next?

    Julia B

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    1. I am leaving Wed morning and will be taking you around Minneapolis-St Paul and then south along the Mississippi river between Minnesota and Wisconsin and into Iowa! It should be a pretty ride!


      1. Dave, it has been exhausting enough sitting on my couch and trying to find the beers you are drinking in order to replicate your overall experience, but I just find it hard to accept your personal rest break when you are leaving the rest of us with nothing to do and no shared sense of accomplishment! Enjoy the rest, you are doing awesome.

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