Last day of RAGBRAI

Well, today was my last ride in RAGBRAI. I had a big piece of peach pie, donut holes and little muffins before leaving camp. We stopped early and had big slices of quiche and then stopped 10 miles later and I had a raspberry and a chocolate frozen yoghurt. Then, I saw a little stall … Continue reading Last day of RAGBRAI

Easy ride today

Today was an easy 48 mile ride from Mason City (birthplace of masonite) to Charles City. We rode about 20 miles and came across an abandoned quarry that had lots of Devonian fossils. I found three different kinds of brachiopods, pelecypods (clams) and horn corals- it was fun! We then rode another 10 miles before … Continue reading Easy ride today

Last night in Galena, IL

We had a very enjoyable day walking around historic Galena, IL. The town is full of beautiful homes and buildings from the 1830’s to the 1850’s- all in beautiful condition. Ulysses S. Grant ran his presidential campaign from a local hotel. Tomorrow we drive to Sargeant Bluffs, where the ride starts the following morning. Continue reading Last night in Galena, IL


I will be riding in RAGBRAI (Registers Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) from July 24-30. This is the largest organized bike ride in the world- limited to 10,000 riders! This year is the 49th event, it is always from west to east, but the route changes each year. It is a big, rolling bicycle … Continue reading RAGBRAI 2022!