Beautiful 66 mile ride to West Union, IA

4 thoughts on “Beautiful 66 mile ride to West Union, IA”

  1. Great day again. Glad the weather held out for your ride. Tire dipping today after a small hill climb. Remember you love hills – Hammer Time. Anyway, I am sure you are looking forward to seeing your lovely wife and sleeping in your own bed, Congratulations!


    1. Hi Ken, we peeled off early to avoid the congestion in Lansing as we still have to drive to Galena and then drop me off in Chicago. I did the last 45 miles, with 3,000’ of climbing at an average speed of 18.9 mph! I feel great and we’ll discuss over a lemonade soon!


  2. That looks like a Viking ship, of sorts…. What a fun experience you’ve had. Can’t wait for you to be home 😘

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