Day 45: A steamy ride into Iowa

15 thoughts on “Day 45: A steamy ride into Iowa”

  1. Although I’m waking up in KL, I enjoy starting my day reading your post. I love that you’re going to a saloon. Can’t find one of those around here. How nice you are revisiting your honeymoon digs.
    Julia B,

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      1. Ah, ah, ah, ah Stayin’ Alive!!! That BeeGee’s music was most likely Bridget’s. Must have been passed on during unprotected gigajewel iPod relations in Sakhalin😜

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      2. This continues to be an eye opening and enlightening journey you are on. I am so glad that you are now open with your Bee Gees music taste. I used to hear them playing inside your office along with you faintly singing along, but I never did want to say anything. Stay alert and keep staying alive…


  2. Brother Dave,
    So glad to see you are having fun – even with the mosquitos and a flat tire. I loved the picture of you and Janet on your rest stop. It would have been very hard for me to get back on the bike but instead fly home with my lovely wife.
    Being an older and wiser brother, I have the Bee Gees on my playlist – I will take responsibility for them on your playlist. They are one of the greatest bands – ever. Just Google them and see what I am talking about 1958 to present (except for a couple of dead ones). Anyway, “staying alive” and “night fever” will pick up your pace – I love Disco. It made the sound track to “The Martian” really cool.
    Everyone loves your BLOG and pictures. I am very proud of my younger (not little) brother.
    Long Live Disco!

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  3. I don’t thing the Bee Gees was me, however I would not complain as that is good pump tempo! Unless it was a slow song… Next adventure idea: float the Mississippi from headwaters to the gulf 🙂 Hope you have a tasty bev and relaxing evening! Love ya.

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