Day 23: a cold start and hot climb to the cattle ranch

3 thoughts on “Day 23: a cold start and hot climb to the cattle ranch”

  1. Whoa, the water management issues sound unpleasant. btw, it was interesting Googling the ranch where you stayed – fascinating history, and interesting cattle breed – Chiangus.


  2. Oh my!!! I cannot say I envy you. Back here in AZ keeping an eye on your dad and my mom. They are both doing well. Well, for two older folks that is. Your dad is still as rambunctious as ever. There is nothing that he cannot do. That is in his mind. I guess the same is so in my mom’s. Your Dad says Janet sounds good and is taking care of the place in Greer. He did a three day trip to make sure the painting would get done. Could not convince him to stay longer if needed. But that is your dad. So, all is well in Wickenburg. Stay safe. And watch out for bears! Even though your dad says, your far enough away to not worry about them anymore.!! As ever, PK


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