Day 3: Chicken legs

12 thoughts on “Day 3: Chicken legs”

  1. When we were leaving Rocky Mountian National Park’s Alpine Ridge (altitude about 12,000 feet) on the way home from Greer, we followed a guy on a bike going INSANELY FAST on a steep downhill. Yikes!
    I’m so happy you’re gifting this adventure to yourself – love you!

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  2. Wow! And that’s after all that conditioning! Mike says,”From one chicken leg to another, you may need to increase your protein to rebuild those leg muscles!” I say, I’m glad you didn’t skid in the rain! Obviously I’m a weiner and would never go that fast myself! We’re praying for you as each day comes and goes. oxox

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  3. Hey, I finally see where to comment. I love your energy and dedication to such an amazing undertaking! You are riding in such a beautiful part of the country too. It’s inspiring just reading your blog posts and seeing the spectacular scenery snap shots. I cannot imagine the hills you are riding Dave-that was one of my first thoughts when I saw your route, next was my worry about your safety…so stay safe and strong, and hydrated! Praying for an enjoyable, safe, incredible trip the rest of the way. We’ll travel with you-at least through reading your blog…Dan and Dee

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