Day 6: 63 miles to Curlew, WA

11 thoughts on “Day 6: 63 miles to Curlew, WA”

  1. Dave, The posts are terrific, thanks! The Bike the US for MS Northern Tier group should be in Sandpoint Idaho on the nights of July 25 and 26, if they are on schedule. Send me an email at you want contact info for them. Way to go, keep going!!!!
    – Fred Zelt

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      1. Their planned stops before and after Sandpoint are:
        24 Libbey, MT
        25, 26. Sandpoint, ID
        27 Newport, WA
        28 Mill Creek, WA
        29 Republic, WA
        They have support vans, planned rest stops and the riders carry very little. They started in May in Maine. I can give you phone and email contact info if you would like to try to cross paths with them.


  2. I can’t wait for the next post to see what delicious food or beverage you are partaking! Doesn’t seem like you are giving up that much! Pedal on bro xoxo

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  3. I am a little slow figuring out this site. So tonite Don, Susan and I read up to day six. Sounds like you are meeting the challenge well and good to see you finding the right rehydration spots and meeting the locals. Perhaps you have to ring the clothes a little before putting them up to dry. Don says just man up like a Canadian would and wear them the way they are. We are just finishing a Lagavulin and an Irish whiskey Powers’ Jack Lane. Don and Susan say Hi. Take care and good riding.

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  4. Enjoyed peddling with you today. The sun was hot and the climb was extreme. Swimming in the river and cold drinks at the end made it all worth the months of planning and effort.

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