Day 8: Over Tiger Mountain to Ione

12 thoughts on “Day 8: Over Tiger Mountain to Ione”

  1. What a wonderful and great adventure! Thanks for sending pics of the scenery and the people you meet… we are praying that you will make a positive impact in the lives you touch!

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  2. Jim and I are relatively In Your neck of the woods. Although we surely are well south of you, we cheer you on from the smokey region of Jackson hole. Tomorrow we will visit with the barkers then head down to Portland. Have a good ride through Idaho! Love, Jim n Peg

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  3. Thanks for the posts Dave. I just read Days 7 and 8 to my Mom and Dad. My Mom is in a nursing home and my Dad visits daily. I take him 4 days per week, and I realized your blog will be a fun thing for us to read together. Go Dave!

    If you want a contact phone number for the MS group, just let me know via email at

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    1. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog Fred. I’m looking forward to riding with you a couple of days if it works out. You (and your parents) are fortunate you live close to them and can help. I’ve had some conversations with my Dad about helping him and where that might be. I’m grateful I’m retired and will be able to help.


  4. You Go Dave! It is great to read your posts daily. I am checking them everyday! Although you have endured freezing rain, green fingers and cramping legs when you were out in the middle of nowhere….it seems that your old bum is holding up quite nicely! I haven’t heard of any posterior problems at all, perhaps one of your strengths! Ha! Keep up the good work. By the way I left a short message on FB.

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