Day 9: riding along the Pend Orielle River from Ione to Newport

11 thoughts on “Day 9: riding along the Pend Orielle River from Ione to Newport”

  1. Glad it was an easier day. The MS people will be in Sandpoint, ID Monday and Tuesday nights, Tuesday is one of their days off from riding. They know you may text them (see email for phone numbers).

    MS cross-country rider Chandler told me the first week is the most difficult, and you are past that now! Watch out for those vehicles, including ones that make a right turn turn after passing you! Keep your wheels down!

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  2. I don’t know if you’ll be going through Michigan, but I hear if you hit a dear you have to take it with you – no leaving roadkill on the shoulder! Be sure to get a pic of the dear strapped to your bike if that happens! 😀

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  3. You have been more successful in your challenging ride than me figuring out how to leave a message. Don and I have been toasting a few Lagavulin’s and some fine Irish whiskey to your logins. Stay safe.

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