Day 11: I  mashed Idaho and am now in Libby, Montana!

8 thoughts on “Day 11: I  mashed Idaho and am now in Libby, Montana!”

  1. Brother Dave,
    I was glad to see that you crushed/mashed Idaho while saying I love the wind, I love the wind, I love the wind.
    We really enjoy your blog with all of the pictures.
    Stay safe and healthy,
    Brother Ken

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  2. What a blessing to see the bighorn sheep. Of all the game they are usually the hardest to find. The streams are beautiful.

    Mighty Blessings

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  3. Dave, It is interesting to read the story of the first person to cross the US on a bicycle. He used a penny-farthing bicycle and started in San Francisco. He followed railroads in many areas, including using railroad snow sheds and bridges in the western mountains. Once while on a rr bridge, he said a train came. He had to hang on to the bridge or rr ties with one arm and hold his bicycle with the other! He did a lot of walking his bicycle.
    I think his name was Thomas Stevens, or vice versa. He wrote a book about his attempt to cycle around the world.

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