Day 23: Riding to Glendive, my last stop in Montana!

9 thoughts on “Day 23: Riding to Glendive, my last stop in Montana!”

  1. Dave- whenever you feel like your having a tough day, just think of me sitting in YPO with only a window to enjoy the great outdoors. I really admire your adventurous spirit and thank you for sharing. Thinking of you a lot so take care!

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    1. Thanks Richard-at least you have the better view on your side of the building. I rode through more badlands type topography today and really enjoyed it. I’m in North Dakota now- my 4th state! Take care my friend-


  2. Hey Dave,
    We finally caught up with you, Anacortes to Glendive in a few hours, and my legs don’t even hurt! We’ve enjoyed the trip so far, both commentary and pictures. It brings back a few memories. Just a couple of thoughts – Day 17: the mystery crop? Well, look at one of the main ingredients of those crafty beers you are enjoying – barley! At least that’s what’s in the close up picture (along with a few timothy stems). The full field does look like buckwheat however. Are the two pictures of the same stuff? Day 21: add another crop to your count – that field full of yellow wild flowers is probably canola. You’ll see a lot more of both of these as you continue East.

    Straight roads? Just wait! Keep cranking Dave, we’re route-ing for you!

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