Day 24: Medora, North Dakota!

6 thoughts on “Day 24: Medora, North Dakota!”

  1. Welcome to North Dakota Dave!

    Glad the ride from Glendive was pleasant. Now about straight roads. Ever looked at a map of ND (or SD, NB, etc.)? There is one very striking feature, virtually all of the roads run straight east-west, or north-south. Even the state boundaries are pretty much the same. Why? Shortest distance between two points, and there is nothing you need to go around. Only 330 miles to Fargo and relief!

    Put it on auto pilot, turn up the tunes, and crank on.

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  2. The “whirlwind of flavor” has me cracking up! You have eaten some of the finest gas station grub by now, I’m guessing. Glad to see more neat features! I hope ND treats you well today. I’m up early for a rain storm. Song to listen to: Geateful Dead: I know You Rider. Classic and pertinent!

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