Day 25: Howling winds and screeching hawks

14 thoughts on “Day 25: Howling winds and screeching hawks”

  1. Your travel documentaries are the highlight of my day. Not much going on in the Texas hill country, HOT. Stay safe. Maybe hawks like helmets? Love you, Nancy

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  2. Hi Dave! I am glad you had the run in with the raptor. I wouldn’t have been if you had actually been hurt, but since you weren’t, it makes for a great story. All your posts are making me want to take a cross country trip as well. I don’t think we could make it on a bike, but Jacks got a Triump that might work. Hope you have a restful day and I will look froward to hearing more about the abbey.

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  3. Brother Dave,
    After 25 days and over 1,400 miles I’m proud of you that you finally came to the realization that you LOVE the wind.
    Isn’t your journey much more pleasurable now that you embrace the wind?

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  4. Dave, good idea to accept and find positives in the wind, which is so capricious and can’t be changed by us! I sent you an email about meeting somewhere….

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  5. I’m glad you had a raptor encounter, and not an attack! I wonder if it was a she, with a nest nearby, or if they’re just territorial like mockingbirds? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Hope you had a restful rest day!

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  6. Dave,
    Sounds like you were the morning’s entertainment for some bird of prey. Not much else to do out on the prairie. Glad you survived. You are in the Williston Basin, but probably south of the Bakken. Do the monks make an Abby Ale?

    Old geezers, careful! Crank on.

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