The Pork Tornados are playing tonight!

10 thoughts on “The Pork Tornados are playing tonight!”

  1. I’m loving the food pictures – and the toilet paper! Such nice people 🤗. Have an entertaining evening! xox

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  2. That’s why there’s so many riders-the food. I would have ridden through the pain just to eat all that delicious food and drink! The ride is a piece of cake for you I bet. Love the pictures-especially the guy that left the toilet paper! Keep up the great work!


  3. Hey Dave! We’ve been excitedly following your rides, but even more thrilling to follow what you’ve had to eat before, during, and after your daily rides! We think we’ve gained weight just looking at the pictures!! Wish we were there and hope you got your pillow fixed! Next year! Love you!! Smmooooochh! Robin


    1. I have a new Walmart pillow that is great! On the long ride today I drank more and ate less because until my body converts the food to energy, it’s just weight. ❤️


  4. 100 miles – WOW that will be a good day’s work. I am thinking as I am lounging around in my bathrobe, you are probably about a third of the way there. Makes me tired thinking about it. I think I’ll have another cup of coffee and a cookie. I am so proud of you living your life to the fullest. Have a drink on me. Cheers, Ken
    p.s. With all the food that you have eaten, that corn field probably came in handy.


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