Day 62: A very tough, hilly ride to Horseheads, NY

7 thoughts on “Day 62: A very tough, hilly ride to Horseheads, NY”

  1. Brother Dave,
    We are all loving your blog and pictures. Great mileage every day but it sounds like you may need a rest day. Please don’t be like a horse heading to the barn. I don’t think you want to collapse into the Atlantic. Enjoy the ride. Cheers

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    1. I think you are right…I am going to take a weather day this Sunday as it is supposed to be hard rain all day. I will have two days at some little mountain resort Janet reserved for me. Maybe I’ll go fishing!


  2. Dave, you write just the right amount – it’s easy to picture where you’ve been and what your day has been like through your words and pictures. And you make us laugh! Strawberry Pop Tarts, indeed….

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