Day 72: End of ride, front tire in the Atlantic Ocean in Fairfield, CT!

24 thoughts on “Day 72: End of ride, front tire in the Atlantic Ocean in Fairfield, CT!”

      1. Dave, loved all you pics and it was great meeting, hosting you and following your blog. I especially love your last photo. Wow. You made it!!!! Stop in DL, MN anytime and see us. So happy you were safe. Always friends. Carole and Paul

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      2. Thanks Carole & Paul, you were such lovely hosts, you were a highlight of my trip! I do hope to see you again sometime when I am traveling with my wife. Best regards, Dave


  1. Dave,
    Congratulations to you and your support team, Janet. I amazed by your physical endurance and impressed with Janet’s planning skills. I’ve really enjoyed following your journey. I’m kind of dissappointed its over. C’mon home to Texas. Great job to both of you.

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  2. Dave, this 70 year old man is so very proud of you‼️😃‼️🍻I’m really looking forward to our next 3 or 4 day fishing trip because I know it will take at least that long to get started on all of your stories. I will warn you in advance that I will be selling tickets to the other guests, but I will split the revenue with you(70-30), don’t spend that whole 30% in one place. Come on home, Bubba🍷🍷🍷🍷😎

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  3. Congratulations Dave,
    Well done! And thanks for taking us along for the ride. It’s been enjoyable sitting in the back seat looking over your shoulder.

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  4. Congratulations – amazing that it is over already! Such an amazing accomplishment – from both of you! Kudos to Janet for being so supportive of your dream! We will be in Boston on Wednesday; will be in touch so we can get together and hear all about it in person. Hugs to both of you.

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  5. Wow!! Excellent!! Congratulations Dave!!!!! It is amazing to think about the places you have experienced and been a part of: Great Plains, mountain West, post-industrial Rust Belt, populated Northeast! Am wishing you a very enjoyable and calm cool- down period and return to Texas. If you will be coming through Pittsburgh, let us know. We have space!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us via blog and photos! Cheers!

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  6. Hey brother! Sorry I was not there to greet you! Congrats on an epic accomplishment both physically and mentally! I love you and will see you soon in Texas!


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  7. Mi Hermano De todo Corazon, what an accomplishment !! You da MAN:):). You and Janet were in my daily prayers for a safe and successful drive. Thank You God!! God Bless you, Janet and all your family always! Hope to see you soon.

    Love You Mi Hermano!!


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