17 thoughts on “Day 69: Rest day in Monroe, NY”

  1. Brother Dave,
    So glad to see that you’re with your lovely wife and was able to do some recon on your ride. Taking some extra time to be with your family, rest and plan your departure timing is great. Please keep in mind that you’re not in Kansas anymore – be careful. Give Janet a hug for me. Cheers

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  2. Dave,
    Glad you are doing some planning. I’ve been doing some too. It’s only about 2000 miles from Fairfield to AP; any thoughts about riding home? I’m sure your following will chip in for some extra freeze dried food and a few boxes of pop tarts (pop tarts, really?).
    I just don’t want this epic journey to end. You have been the morning’s inspiration for days.
    Crank on.

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      1. Great idea- I’ll get Janet to do a short video. I have kind of a nasty urban section from Monroe, NY to Ridgefield, CT which I will do Sunday morning when traffic should be at a minimum. I will finish the ride Monday morning!


  3. So—- if you’re flying back to Aransas on October 3 ——-does that mean we’re fishing 🎣West Bay on the 4thπŸ˜‹πŸ»πŸ˜ŽπŸ™ŠπŸ·

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  4. So we are at the end of a great journey and an amazing story. Thanks Dave for enjoyable read everyday. When you and Janet get home and things settle down a bit. I’m cooking ribs and bring beer for a Sunday dinner so I can hear it all again. Love ya man

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