Days 26: Record day- Lima, MT to Jackson Hole, WY- 155 miles!

2 thoughts on “Days 26: Record day- Lima, MT to Jackson Hole, WY- 155 miles!”

  1. Good to see that you didn’t push ahead after a hotel wheel job, the younger Buck Steele would have done that. It was probably fun and good practice repairing El Rojo. To me, it was just another slight delay but well worth it (you needed the extra rest and margaritas).


  2. Glad to hear you took a rest day. Your dad thought you were graced with a good samaritan. I won’t dash his beliefs. But so did my mom. Mom had some bad and good news. Bad news: wedged compressed fracture at T-9, T-10., no idea how it happened. Age, osteoporosis, twisting, lifting something. Good news: now she has a concrete reason for the pain. No longer a phantom hurt. PT to teach her what not to do for the next 3 to 6 months while she heals. So no more housework. Just need to convince your dad, that he can’t pick up the burden. Not like they both can’t afford a housekeeper. Just need to convince him!!! You both ride safe. Your in our prayers.


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