Day 8: Over Tiger Mountain to Ione

Tiger Mountain was my last mountain to go over in Washington! It was a pleasant 2,000′ climb and then about 15 miles riding on top. Beautiful wearher, too- partly cloudy and in the 50’s- the sun just felt good. I’ve gone over Rainy Pass, Washington Pass, Loup Loup Pass, Wauconda Pass, Boulder Creek Pass, and … Continue reading Day 8: Over Tiger Mountain to Ione

Long Mountain Ride

This was my longest ride to date: I rode 69 miles in the mountains and climbed about 4,000′ in the process. Up top, the road meanders up and down hills and it is very scenic. What I really like is going downhill! I got up to 45 mph on this downhill stretch- I think my … Continue reading Long Mountain Ride